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Advances at Smart Legal Funding help you pay your bills - take back your life one step at a time. Don't let the bills pile up, we can help you take control of your life with Smart Legal Funding.

Settlement funds quicker and easier with Smart Legal Funding by your side. Get financial help fast while your case waits to settle, with our pre-settlement funding opportunities.

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Don't wait for your funds to come in - Smart Legal Funding understands the need to get cash faster with our pre-settlement funding opportunities.

Let us bridge the gap between resolution and recovery while waiting for your settlement and payment.

Have you been injured in an accident and need to pay your bills? Connect with us today. While you wait for your case to settle, which could take months - why not get the cash you need faster with Smart Legal Funding.

We'll work to get you a cash advance now, allowing your attorney more time to fight for the full value of your case.

Our pre-settlement funding has helped our clients with personal-injury lawsuits to recover faster. Bills don't wait for anyone - we will set you up with a cash advance so you can begin to move forward.

Pre-settlement funds with Smart Legal Funding when bills need to be paid fast. Our lawsuit settlement funding team will be by your side to get you the cash you need and fast.

Don't wait for the cash that you need now, we have your back at Smart Legal Funding.

Below are the most common legal funding that our Arizona moving specialists serve.

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Legal Funding With Smart Legal Funding

  • Smart Legal Funding can get you the cash you need today!

  • Fast delivery of lawsuit advance puts money in your pocket now

  • We understand that this is a very time-sensitive matter.

  • Use the money so that the insurance company doesn't force you into their lowball offers

  • On average, pre settlement funding takes about 24-48 hours

  • Smart Legal Funding Pre-Settlement Funding is non-recourse

  • We make the process of getting an accident loan as painless as possible.

  • You need the money quickly as the bills are not waiting for anyone.

  • Receive funds now while you're waiting for your case to settle

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We are standing by to help you with your Legal Funding.

Legal Funding Is As Easy As 1-2-3

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