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Get a Cash Advance on your Lawsuit.  Unlike Lawsuit Loans - A Lawuist Cash Advance is money now against the proceeds of your settlement. This works for people suffering personal injury or any other type of Lawsuit Claim.  

You simply apply . We do the rest.

Free Application . No Risk

Get a Settlement Advance or Money on your Lawsuit without a headache.

Fast Cash Now.  Smart Legal Funding gets you an advance on your future legal settlement at a great rate. It is Cash without a credit check. Fast, Simple, Easy . If you have a personal injury claim and have hired a lawyer, then you can qualify get a Lawsuit Cash advance from Smart Legal Funding today.

Call Now with any questions, or just fill out free to fill out the form at right to apply.  If you have a pending lawsuit and need Legal Funding, get the cash you need NOW.

Get Lawsuit Advance for people that are looking for Lawsuit Loans Now.

Work the Smart way.

 No application fee
 No Credit Checks
 No Income Verification
 No Repayment if you lose your case!

 Simple, Straight forward paperwork
 Fast delivery of cash
 No Monthly payments
 No application fee

A Cash Advance is Not a Loan

Smart Legal Funding offers a different way to get your cash that is not the same as other companies Lawsuit loans.  It is a simple cash advance. A Cash advance is better in that repayment only happens if the case is settled.   With a cash advance from Smart Legal Funding if your case is lost you owe nothing.  A Lawsuit Loan offered by another companies are unconditional and require repayment regardless of the outcome of your case. Our advance has no fees if your case is lost. 

An Advance requires no monthly payments. 

You can use your money  for anything you need.  Repayment is based on the risk associated with the case and depending on the estimated time of settlement. The "other companies” Lawsuit Loan offerings have structured interest payments and payments are unconditional.. so even if your case is lost you would still be forced to pay. With none of these concerns are yours!

Risks of Applying no Application Fee

There are fees to apply with Smart Legal Funding.  Since we do not check your credit an inquiry will not appear on your credit report -   While there are no risks to applying with us, you should be aware that applying with multiple companies simultaneously can hurt your chances of approval.  

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case review

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get your cash

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Apply now

Once your case is approved, you can accept your CASH! 

We do all the necessary paperwork.